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Aerial Chronicles Of a Venetian 7

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Vladimir Spigler and his friend Joseph travel to some eastern Mediterranean country to perform some BASE jumps from a 110m bridge but here’s the catch – they will try to jump in as many different ways as they can. Before they get caught. There are lots of variations for BASE jumping, and Vladimir is going to walk (or jump) you through them – BASE jumping with the pilot chute stowed in the canopy container, with a hand held pilot chute, with pilot chute assisted from one another, by attaching the pilot chute to the bridge with a static line, with the extracted canopy hanging down and performing a rollover on top of it… Potential police encounters, wind and a traffic-filled motorway will make their day exciting, illegal, but not easy! How Many Illegal BASE Jumps Can You Do in A Day? | Aerial Chronicles of a Venetian, Ep. 7
Athletes – Vladimir Spigler, Giuseppe Galdiolo
Location – Croatia

Tulip BASE Crew Showreel

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Tulip BASE Crew Showreel

Get a glimpse of what the Tulip BASE Crew has been up to in their very first showreel. It should be illegal to have this much fun! Oh, wait… it IS (mostly) illegal to have this much fun 😉 Jumps in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Estonia, Italy, Turkey

Tulip BASE Crew Team:
Andrew Toyer
Marco Schultz
Jochem van Kesteren
Ronald Overdijk
Wouter Wellen

Thailand BASE Jumps

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BASE girl, BASE jumping in Thailand

BASE girl, BASE jumping in Thailand. Humidity at the max, bugs the size of my head and dreamy beaches. With a gnarly approach and a spectacular view the jumps were nothing less than fantastic. The trip made for an awesome 3 part series and memories for a life time! So grateful for the people who were a part of it with me and helped make the experience that much better! Thailand BASE jumps rock!! ~ Music By Blackmill “Spirit Of Life”

Busted by the Police in Benidorm

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BUSTED by the Police, BASE Jumping in Benidorm | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal

Jokke Sommer’s at it again, only this time he’s not getting off scott-free. It’s strike ONE for the police in Benidorm, and we don’t want to know what happens in Spanish prison to reckless BASE jumpers…

Check out episode 2 of Barely Legal, where Jokke and friend Dominik laugh in the face of the law and BASE jump off as many skyscrapers as they can in this video series over six blissful days of lawlessness.

Director: Ellioth & Winther Film
Producer: EpicTV
Athletes: Jokke Sommer, Dominik Loyen

BUSTED by the Police, BASE Jumping in Benidorm | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal, Ep. 2