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Red Bull Aces final aerial battle

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Red Bull ACES

The Race: Wingsuit 4 Cross Racing

Finals day. Single elimination. Lose, you’re grounded. Win, you stay in. Catch this ultimate, head-to-head, final four flight to determine who claims the first ever Wing Suit 4 Cross Racing Crown.

52 of the world’s top wingsuit flyers descended on Oakdale, California, two hours east of San Francisco, for Red Bull Aces, the first-ever side-by-side wingsuit racing event.

Created by Red Bull Air Force pilot Luke Aikins, flyers will compete head-to-head in a high speed slalom race in the sky, where they’ll weave between four gates, staggered at thousand-foot intervals between 6,500-3,500 feet. Check out the best action from the final day, where the first-ever wingsuit 4-cross champion is crowned!

Wingsuit Proximity – Dying to Live 3

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What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Wingsuit Proximity – Dying to Live 3 (Yuna and Adventure Club)

Wingsuit Proximity Flying I did in Europe this year. Includes the Barn Line, Trench, Waterfall, the Crack, Jungfrau, and many more lines! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I liked making it. Let me know what you think!

Music: Yuna – Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)

Brandon Mikesell by facebook

The Revolution: Wingsuit 4 Cross Racing

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Wingsuit 4 Cross Racing

Red Bull ACES / Episode 2

The fifty-two best wingsuit athletes on planet earth square off to sweat the details, test their limits and achieve the impossible. The athletes aren’t just flying wing suits. The revolution is racing: Wingsuit 4 cross!

To race well, you’ve got to train. But how do you start training for a race when there’s never been one like that before?

That was the dilemma facing some of the best wingsuit pilots in the world at the first Red Bull Aces 4 Cross event. Given the event’s inaugural status, director Luke Aikins very smartly scheduled a training day before competition actually began, to give the pilots the chance to get a feel for going around the course.