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Chris Douggs McDougall

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BASE Jumper Explains The Importance Of Accepting Death To Appreciating Life

base jumper Chris Douggs McDougall
No matter how hard we try to live vicariously through their first-person footage, a GoPro simply cannot capture the feeling of participating in a sport where your primary competition is death.

To some it seems crazy to get into a sport, which has claimed so many lives. For Chris Douggs McDougall, his definition of insanity is a lifetime of boredom, comfort and caution, wasting away on the sofa and hiding from the inevitability of danger. A BASE jumper instead faces it head on, seeking comfort in the absence of regret, refusing to run from danger or succumb to fear only to arrive safe and unscathed at the doorstep of death.
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Indoor BASE Jumps

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Indoor BASE Jumps & More Crazy Fun

BASE Dreams 2 | Ep 4

Indoor BASE Jumps & More Crazy Fun! BASE Dreams 2 – The awesome new base jump series with Chris “Douggs” McDougall

Indoor BASE Jumps at The Tropical Island & More Crazy Fun! 5 Incredible & memorable BASE jumps, a skydive and more fun inculding a drive in rally car! This episode also includes secret Bridge BASE jumps, Cable BASE jumps, a Paraglide BASE Jump & lots more! Germany, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey

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The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world!