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Jokke Sommer | WWL Flight Line

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Jokke Sommer

WWL Flight Line

“Flight Line” – The awesome new wingsuit series by WWL with the best wingsuit pilots in the world. Ep 5 starring Jokke Sommer.

“Flight Line” Ep 5: Jokke Sommer started skydiving in the summer of 2007 with the modest goal of having fun with a sport he had dreamed of doing for many years. He liked it so much that he wanted more and eight months after he started, he went to the USA for two months to make enough skydives to start BASE jumping. When he stepped off the edge of a 1,000-meter cliff in Kjeragt, Norway, a few months later, he knew that he had found his biggest passion in life. Jokke soon became known around the world as one of the most intense, driven wingsuit BASE jumpers around, and he just as quickly set new standards for aggressive flight lines and proximity flying. Jokke placed 10th in the 2012 Grand Prix and he is again certain to be one of the most intense competitors at this year’s race – and one of the funniest too!

The World Wingsuit League (WWL) was formed to meet the demand of “proximity flyers” for competitions that tested their skills not just against the mountains but against each other. It administers invitational wingsuit flying competition events worldwide.

Music Credits:
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Voice-Over: Jason Moledzki

DREAM WALKER – Zakynthos

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DREAM WALKER – Zakynthos

Rope Jumping – no limit expedition

“Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 jumps” – extreme Dream Jump rope jumping method, in the boldest project of the last decade. Great cooperation between the Zakynthos island, professional rope jumpers and BASE jumpers have merged beauty and extreme together. With the stunning background of Navajo Beach, the breathtaking rope and BASE jumps from a 200 meters height, have amazed thousands of tourists being in love with the island, and later have amazed the whole world. For the firsttime, the World have seen synchronized rope and BASE jumps. For the first time, five sportsmen have jumped from one platform. First so impressive rope jumping system.