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Indoor BASE Jumps

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Indoor BASE Jumps & More Crazy Fun

BASE Dreams 2 | Ep 4

Indoor BASE Jumps & More Crazy Fun! BASE Dreams 2 – The awesome new base jump series with Chris “Douggs” McDougall

Indoor BASE Jumps at The Tropical Island & More Crazy Fun! 5 Incredible & memorable BASE jumps, a skydive and more fun inculding a drive in rally car! This episode also includes secret Bridge BASE jumps, Cable BASE jumps, a Paraglide BASE Jump & lots more! Germany, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey

Big thanks to Douggs!

The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world!

Istanbul Pro Base World Cup 2014

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Pro Base World Cup

Istanbul 2014

Fabien Giordano
Eder Navacerrada
Rudi Cassan
Patrick Guisasola
Andrew Toyer

Special Thanks To:
Pro Base World Cup Organisers and Crew
Patrick Guisasola and his awsome videoman Fabien Giordano

Istanbul Showdown Pro Base World Cup 2014 and car stunt
Including Funny crashes

Pro BASE started to organize BASE jumping competitions in 2008 with the legendary Spain Base event at the Bali Hotel, competitors being scored on target landings. The huge success led to repeat it the following year and then expand to a tour of base jumping events: the ProBASE World Cup was born. The Pro BASE Wingsuit Race in Lauterbrunnen brought international attention as probably the most outrageous BASE jumping competition ever organized.
The tour ran from June to September and included meets at 4 venues; Kjerag, Norway; Innfjorden, Norway; Istanbul, Turkey; & Stechelberg, Switzerland.
Only professional flyers and proven competitors are invited, other pilots must fulfil a range of extremely tough prerequisites. The rules are extremely strict and safety is a top priority; only a large amount of experience, perfect control and precise handling skills will get pilots a slot. Safety rules mean a minimum canopy flight time of 20 seconds is required to avoid disqualification; also pilots must not invade the ‘lane’ of the other pilot.

Vladimir Spigler in the cities of Northern Italy

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Vladimir Spigler in the cities of Northern Italy

Illegal BASE Jumping at Night Will Blow Your Mind
Aerial Chronicles of a Venetian, Ep. 10

Winter is tough for BASE jumpers because It brings tough conditions to natural jumps. Luckily, Vladimir Spigler and his buddies are not ones to sit around wasting time. Here they attempt some illegal object base jumping in the cities of Northern Italy. Would you BASE jump at night?

Luckily the good weather is starting to brighten the boot and the boys can head to some beautiful seaside cliff to do some sweet tracking and even a bit of posing for the camera.

Director: Vladimir Spigler
Producer: Vladimir Spigler
Athletes: Vladimir Spigler, Tony R, Luca Giovannini, Ulisse Idra, Antonio Marino
Sports: BASE Jumping

Illegal BASE Jumping at Night Will Blow Your Mind | Aerial Chronicles of a Venetian, Ep. 10
Piranha and Manta by Intrudair

Music: Bonfire – Knife Party

Dubai Burj Khalifa – Soul Flyers

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Soul Flyers

Basejump Dubai Burj Khalifa

Incredible World Record Base jumping form Burjj Khalifa 4K Soul Flyers
Skydive Dubai sponsored Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a new World Record by BASE jumping from above the pinnacle of the World’s Tallest Building.

Brought to you by Dubai Film Production.