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Base Jumping in Alps – extreme videos

Monte Brento B.A.S.E 2014

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Monte Brento B.A.S.E 2014

Eder Navacerrada, Seb Bartes, Flo

Aerials, tracking, wingsuit, some freefly and many more fun jumps. Éder, Luca, Flo, Seb, Robert. April 2014

2 way head down:
Jupers: Flo, Eder Navacerrada
Outside footage: Seb Bartes

Jupers: Eder, Eder Navacerrada
Outside footage: Flo, Seb

3 way star:
Jumpers: Luca / Eder / Flo

Wingsuit Pilot: Eder
Piranha and Manta by Intrudair

Music: Bonfire – Knife Party

Base Jump Swiss Alps

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Swiss Alps

WingSuit Base Jump Swiss Alps 2011

WingSuit BaseJump Swiss Alps 2011 Hugo Langel
Local: Swiss Alps
OutSide Camera: Eiliv Ruud, Gleison Barion, Ivo Ninov
Exits: Eiger Mushroom, HighNose, JungFrau, Ultimate, Fisistok, Classic, High Eiger, Via Ferrata