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Base Jumping in France – extreme videos

The Formula White Line

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Wingsuit proximity racing: The Formula White Line.
Finding, planning and flying my favorite sharply turning wingsuit proximity racing line: The Formula White Line.
Thanks Ludovic Woerth for an amazing job getting this on tape.
Thanks Robert Pecnik for crafting the race car.

Wingsuit Pilot: Mathias Wyss
Main Camera: Ludovic Woerth
Additional Pilots: Robert Pecnik, Jokke Sommer, Dr. No, Edo Senica
Additional Camera: Thierry Donard & Nuit de la Glisse, Edo Senica

Made Possible By: Phoenix-Fly, AdrenalinBase, Atair
Coralie L’Enfant by facebook

Tom Erik Heimen – The Joy of Life

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Tom Erik Heimen with friends celebrating the joy of life. Flying nice lines in Norway, France, Switzerland. Base Jumpers: Rodolphe Cassan, Sebastien Collomb-Gros, Geraldine Fasnacht, Bjarte BØ, Eiliv Ruud, Jokke Sommer, Jt Holmes, Espen Fadnes, Tom Erik Heimen.