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Base Jumping in Italy – extreme videos

GroWings – Wingsuit Speed Training With Alexander Polli in Italy

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GroWings – Wingsuit Speed Training With Alexander Polli in Italy.
Episode 3 takes us to Monte Brento, Italy to follow Nate as he trains with Alexander Polli and other friends. He starts to learn to fly his suit with more speed and aggression and slowly edges closer and closer to terrain.

GroWings is a six-episode web series which follows wingsuit pilot Nathan Jones over the summer, traveling and training throughout the mountains of Europe to prepare himself to reach his goal of flying the more technical and advanced terrain of Brévent in Chamonix, France. We welcome you to an insight into the amazing community and lifestyle of BASE jumpers and wingsuit flyers.

Wingsuit flyers: Nathan Jones, Alexander Polli, Jarno Cordia, Carlos Pedro Briceño, Zak Tessier

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Aerial Chronicles of a Venetian

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Follow Venetian Vladimir Spigler as he jumps off anything and everything, with rock fingers poised, in an attempt to do everything air-related – skydiving, BASE, indoor bodyflying, and more. This episode takes us to the Italian Dolomites, the Swiss Alps and a 150m span into a creek.

Vladimir Spigler by facebook