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Base Jumping in Kuala Lumpur – extreme videos

Kuala Lumpur Womens world record 2012

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Kuala Lumpur Womens world record 2012. 28th of september 10 women set a new world record in Kuala Lumpur, jumping all at the same time off THE tower. The old record was an 8 way in Kjerag. Kjersti Eide, Jenny Mczolla, Livia Dickie, Anna Lepeshkina, Hege Ringard, Maria Steinmayr, Justine Edde, Suz Graham, Lika Borzova, Jill Kuzman.

Malaysia BASE Jumping

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Malaysia BASE Jumping – BASE jumping across Asia, they went to Malaysia for the KL International BASE jump. For 4 days the fine government of Kuala Lumpur and the Menara KL organizing committee allows selected jumpers from around the world to come jump off the famous Menara KL Tower. It’s so much fun and who can beat an elevator ride to the top of a 1200 foot overhanging building… it’s a party. Too many jumpers to name but special thanks to Jill Kuzman and Lika Borzova for some footage, Gary Cunningham for organizing and herding all us BASE jumping monkeys, and the city of Kuala Lumpur!
This video was shot 100% on the GoPro Hero 2