Ted Davenport – Winter Sessions

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The Reality Of Falling with Ted Davenport

Winter Sessions

The Ski Channel presents the original series ‘Winter Sessions’ featuring Ted Davenport, professional BASE Jumper and Freeskier. Fear is still a very important part of base jumping for Ted Davenport. In his own words, “Fear keeps you sharp, keeps you focused, and keeps you alive.” Combining skiing and BASE jumping has allowed skiers to ski lines on the mountain that were normally not possible. But even with over 580 BASE jumps, the nature of the beast/BASE is — it can kill you.

Following in the footsteps of BASE jumping skiers like Shane McConkey, Ted Davenport is realizing his dream of combining the two sports but in his own shoes.

The Ski Channel is a television network dedicating to skiers, snowboarders and mountain culture. They are live in 35,000,000 homes nationwide on Video On Demand.

Ted Davenport - Winter Sessions, 6.8 out of 7 based on 4 ratings

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